Crazy Travel Stories: Getting that perfect lighting

Note, this post was written earlier in Quarantine but our site has been going through some renovations. Sorry for the delay!


Yup. It fucking is. 

Gotta admit, we hit the let’s rearrange the furniture and bake bread part of quarantine much earlier than expected, but here we are.  

I can also now solve a Rubrik’s cube and have not given myself bangs. 

👏This 👏 is 👏 growth 👏 people 👏

Although I am very sick of how well acquainted I am with my living room, I am very grateful that myself and my family are healthy and to all the essential workers keeping everything going.  From the healthcare workers to the service workers, your work is appreciated. 

To everyone who is protesting or demanding a haircut, get over yourself and stay home. Let’s look forward to creating new travel memories by reflecting on some oldies but goodies. 

And that is my brilliant segway into this post’s crazy travel story! Do you see why they call me the Segway Queen? 👑

TBH, no one calls me that but things can change. Crazier things have happened. I mean look at Nicolas Cage’s acting career. If that can happen, then surely I can one day hope to have defined abs and a badass nickname. 

But moving on, this post’s story is about KDanks and I spending time in Croatia and, probably the best night of our trip. We had just landed in Zadar and looked forward to spending the whole day together exploring the city. 

Zadar is a cool city and worth the visit.  The city is right on the coast and has a rich history. We explored the city from the Land Gate (built in 1543) to the Cathedral of Anastasia. 


I somehow even convinced KDanks to spend over an hour relaxing on Boric beach! But two things we were really excited to see were the Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sun.  Both of these are right next to each other and we waited to visit until just before sunset. Why before sunset? Because Alfred Hitchcock claimed Zadar had the most beautiful sunset he had ever seen, and I had to see for myself. 

Now to be clear, I don’t base all my decisions on Alfred Hitchcock’s life choices.  For example, I have never felt a need to make birds more terrifying than they already are or make people think that they’re probs gonna get murdered while trying to enjoy a nice shower.  

Hitchcock did some fucked up shit that I am not here for, but this is a message I have for every horror writer or director.  

You people are the reason that I will accidently dropkick my future children down the hallway at 3 AM  screaming ‘return to the depths of hell, demon’ when they just want a glass of water. 

Back to Zadar’s sunset. The ocean was beautiful and the sky had the most amazing colors.  It was just so peaceful to be sitting there with my sister and enjoying the moment by splitting a thing of fries. 

 As much as I love exploring new cities with KDanks and checking off our bucket lists, it’s moments like watching the sunset in Zadar that I will treasure for a lifetime.

The moment was fleeting, but it was perfect. 

Now this wouldn’t be much of a crazy travel story if I just ended with a sappy moment right there, would it? Nahhhh, this is a Danks adventure and you know shit is gonna get weird. 

Now next to the Sea Organ is the ‘Greeting to the Sun.’  These solar panels light up at night creating these beautiful colors.  Of course, KDanks and I had to get a selfie, but do you know how hard it is to get a selfie with color panels in the back in the dark? 

Very. Hard.

And that is where our three heroes enter the story.  Thanks to them, our lighting went from subpar to ON POINT. 


You can see our faces ✔️

We look cute as hell ✔️

You can see how the Greeting to the Sun looked ✔️

Did I mention we looked cute as hell? ✔️✔️✔️

One hero took the photo, while the other two strategically held their cell phone flashlights to make sure the light caught and it CAUGHT!

Obviously, after they took our picture, we started chatting with them and it led us to spend the rest of our night with them.  They were American as well and one had been living in Zadar for the past year studying the aftermath of the civil war. His friend and boyfriend were visiting and he was showing them Zadar.

We walked around Zadar just talking about history, psychology, politics, fun facts — everything and anything. We checked out bars and just enjoyed each other’s company. At the end of the night, we went back to our Airbnb much later than our planned 10 PM return, but we had a blast and didn’t get murdered by randos. Win-win right there. 

Sometimes the best nights are made by being a little spontaneous andI can’t wait to have those moments again. 

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