Frolicking Around Ireland

Author: SDanck

Alright, guys. Time to be honest here. I, a fake redhead who loves potatoes, have never been to Ireland. GASP. OMG THERE I SAID IT.


Well, I mean I went when I was really little, but visiting a place under age 5 doesn’t count.  I was a glorified sack of potatoes. Granted I had a little bit more personality than a sack of potatoes, but not by much.  

Btw, totally not dissing potatoes here. Potatoes are great. The universal food. If you’re friends with someone who either a. Just plain old doesn’t like potatoes or b. Doesn’t like potatoes because she hates joy but is totally feeling her new diet, then

GET emojiTHAT emojiPERSONemoji OUTemoji OF emojiYOURemoji LIFE.

You do not need to be surrounded with such negativity.

What you do need, is to be surrounded by potatoes. Glorious potatoes!


Now I could spend this whole post discussing the benefits of the great potato, but instead I will share my Ireland bucket list.  

The one that KDanks said we could do this summer.

The one that we are no longer doing.


It turns out I am related to a curly haired liar and destroyer of dreams. NBD, KDanks.





thief of joe


Dublin, Ireland

Obviously, Dublin is going to be at the top of the list. The Guinness factory, the Jameson distillery, the National Leprechaun Museum, the library at Trinity College?  I feel like I don’t need to say more on why I need to go there.

Can Dublin kick you out for drunkenly making lucky charms jokes or mimicking a bad Irish accent?

Because when the leprechaun from General Mills shouts ‘they’re after me Lucky Charms,’ it’s a great and lovable marketing strategy. When I legit do the same thing, I am “drunk” and “causing a scene” in the grocery store.



Cliffs of Moher

I love standing on places that feel like I’m on the edge of the world and the Cliffs of Moher offer that experience.  There are also a lot of myths surrounding the cliffs (let’s face it, Ireland’s biggest exports are folklore and potatoes).


My fave? The Lost City of Kilstiffen. According to legend, the city of Kilstiffen will remain lost under the waves until the golden key is recovered from some unknown location.

Um hello, I grew up with a father who LOVES quoting famous dead people and when Disney’s Atlantis came out (how did this movie only score 49% on Rotten Tomatoes?! What is wrong with our society?!!!).

Either way, my dad made me love history and the story of Atlantis allowed history to retain some mystery. So a place with a similar myth to Atlantis? Sign me up for a visit.



Giant’s Causeway

Another really cool spot with a great myth?! Ireland, you are spoiling me without me even visiting (#thankskdanks).

Legend has it that Fionn mac Cumhaill had a bone to pick with a Scottish giant, so like a totally normal person, he built a bridge to teach him a lesson. And then he saw the giant andddddddddddddddddddd promptly ran away.

Can you blame him? Yeah, I’ll poke someone sitting at the bar if they’re real annoying, but the second I learn they’re same height or bigger than me?


I am not looking to be a hero and neither is Fionn mac Cumhaill.

Sunset at Giant s causeway


Ring of Kerry

So the Ring of Kerry is apparently one of the last places in Ireland where you can still see a leprechaun.  Funnily enough, you can also see a leprechaun when you go bar hopping with me.

Hint: I am the leprechaun.

Don’t ask about the pot of gold. I don’t have any. When I say I’m a leprechaun, I really just mean I happen to be short, red headed and beer can make my speech funny.

Ring of Kerry Landscape



Ok, so Galway got thrown in here for two reasons (besides the fact that it’s a beautiful city).


  1. I was accepted to the History Masters Program at Galway University but was told 2 weeks before the semester started (oh hey admin office that is totally reading this – can I maybs get a little more lead time next time? Just asking for a little favor here).



Honestly, I feel like those are two pretty good reasons. Go see the campus of the University with my dream Masters program and then frolic the streets singing Galway Girl (which I’m sure the locals hate this song by now tbh).  



Also don’t ask me what you do with a Masters in History. Be broke? Yup. Just be broke.


Or start a travel blog sprinkled with fun facts!  I should mention, that we’ve started a travel blog and, guess what? Yup, still broke.  #winning


There are about a billion other things on my bucket list for Ireland but this sums up some of my top priorities.  Part of my hopes you found this article helpful, but 99% of me is just using this article to hint at KDanks THAT I AM HEARTBROKEN WE ARE NOT GOING.


I mean, I’m fine.


Have any recommendations or other must sees? Comment below!  Wishing you and yours a Happy St Patrick’s Day!


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