Friðheimar: Iceland’s Own Greenhouse Restaurant

Author: KDanck

Bloody Mary’s and Tomato Ice Cream

The sun shone in through the glass panels of the greenhouse with rows of tomatoes. Bees were humming as they pollinated the flowers. The room was filled with hungry tourists, making their way through the Golden Circle. I was holding a green drink in my hand as my roommates and I waited for our table.

“Wow,” I said as I took another sip. “I think I’m going to have to order another one.”

I was drinking a green bloody Mary, made out of the tomatoes that were directly next to us.

Iceland_Bloody Mary's

Bloody Mary’s. Yum

We finally sat down and took a look at the menu.  4 different kinds of tomatoes grow in the garden and everything contains some of the freshly grown garden items. Since Iceland is cold, my roommates and I opted for unlimited tomato soup and freshly made bread (a nice compliment to our second round of bloody Mary’s 😉 ). The soup and variety of bread options were delicious. And for dessert, we had tomato ice cream which was served in a clay pot (yum!).

tomato ice cream

Look at how cute this ice cream is!

About Friðheimar

Knútur and Helena bought Friðheima in 1995 and were the first growers to cultivate plum tomatoes year round in Iceland. Between 1995 and 2001, they built a 1,174 m² greenhouse as an addition to the already two existing greenhouses. They used a process called horticulture to grow the tomatoes and their produce averages a ton a day! 


And there are horses

Knútur and Helena weren’t only interested in tomatoes. They have also been breeding horses since 1995, many of which have won first place titles. Unfortunately I was here in March, but if you visit in the summer months, you can visit Friðheimar’s own horse show: A Meeting with the Icelandic Horse. The show is offered in 14 languages, is accompanied by Icelandic music, and provides an overview of the history of Icelandic horses.

Where is it?

When should I go during my Iceland trip?

If you’re planning on doing the Golden Circle (which you definitely should), this place is a great stop.It is just outside of Reykholt in South Iceland. Check out their website to learn more. Do you have any recommendations for restaurants to check out in Iceland? Leave in the comments below

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