Flight Review: Ryanair

Author: KDanck

“It’s pretty cloud, but we don’t have enough gas to hang out in the air, so we’ll see how it goes,” our pilot came on the intercom. No one was shocked. No one panicked. This was Ryanair afterall.

I was travelling from Germany to Rome, when our pilot made that announcement. Luckily I had already flown with Ryanair a few times before that. Ryanair is a budget airline in Europe, with tickets starting as low as 9 Euros (Yes you read that right, nine Euros).

Now, Ryanair is an interesting airline to say the least.

Would I recommend it? Yes.

If there are cheaper tickets elsewhere, should you book those? Yes.



The reason I say to look at other airlines is that Ryanair is not the most comfortable flight. Only a carry on is included in the ticket price.  Lottery tickets may or may not be sold on board. Also – Ryanair rarely goes to the main airport, which means a long bus or train ride to your destination city. 

Despite all its faults, Ryanair was the reason I got to see so much of Europe. As a student, I did not mind being uncomfortable. The flights are never that long. The planes are safe and the brand is reputable. I have never had a canceled flight (like *cough* Spirit *cough*) and the flight attendants were also helpful. I got tickets ranging as low as 9 Euros (They really do sell them!) to 40 Euros. Although I always needed to take a bus to get to my final stop, I always found that the bus and plane ticket cost me less than another airline. Ryanair also does travel to many different countries, allowing you to see the most during your time in the EU. For those on a budget, I would highly recommend checking out Ryanair when  in Europe.

Anyone else have cheap airline recommendations? List in the comments below.

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